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What is Media Riff?

Media Riff provides advanced digital file management and hosting for commerical images. If you're an e-commerce merchant with hundreds or thousands of product images to manage, Media Riff if for you. If you're a photographer concerned about digital piracy, Media Riff is for you. If you find yourself searching local computers for images and repeatedly opening them in Photoshop to resize and convert them, Media Riff is for you.

How does it work?

When a jazz musician riffs on a melody, or a comedian riffs on a subject, they create a distinct variation of an original. When we riff on an image, we're doing exactly that: creating a new image based on an old one. Our riffs are non-destructive, available in real-time and applicable in mass to hundreds or thousands of files. And we're going to do it all in about 5 minutes.



Easy Upload

Upload multiple files easily with our advanced web-based uploader.

Intuitive Organization

Use tags to quickly and easily organize thousands of images and movies at a time.

Batch Conversion & Resizing

Convert hundreds or thousands of 1200x1200 PNGs to 350x275 JPGs with just a few clicks. Convert Quicktime movies to lightweight, embeded flash movies on the fly.

Secure and Reliable Storage

You've spent a lot of money on photo and video shoots. Secure that investment by storing your images on our redundant cluster. Media Riff features hourly snapshot back-ups and a multi-data center storage network.

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